Essays & Reviews

 João Gilberto Noll’s Quiet Creature on the Corner and Atlantic HotelMusic & Literature

The End of Days by Jenny Erpenbeck, Rain Taxi Review of Books

The View from Inside Her Rectangle (an essay on Albertine Sarrazin’s Astragal, Jean-Pierre Melville’s films policier, and Guy Casaril’s L’astragale3:AM Magazine

The Ravicka Novels by Renee GladmanMusic & Literature

Personae by Sergio De La PavaMusic & Literature

Kind One by Laird HuntThe Quarterly Conversation

On Inception (an essay on psychoanalysis, faith, and the importance of gullible others) The Quarterly Conversation

Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben LernerThe Quarterly Conversation

Chris & Cronenberg (an essay on fear and filmmaking) The Quarterly Conversation (reprinted as Come Fly With Me: My Life with David Cronenberg in Joyless Creatures)